Our Story

Maina was the name of our favourite lady. She was mother to our chef, mother-in-law to our baker, grandmother to our front of house, and just like family to anyone who knew her. We named our business after her because we wanted to continue her spirit of warmth, kindness, and genuine hospitality through the simple act of making great food for anyone who’s hungry.

That’s where her son, Stu, comes in. Having spent the past 30 years working and training in restaurants all over the world, Stu knows a thing or two about food. His style is one of craft and authenticity, using local, seasonal produce to create dishes which pay homage to the place they’re from. His wife and Maina co-owner Katie knows her way around a kitchen, too. Starting as a bakery apprentice in 1979, Katie is something of a guru on all things baking. Seriously. That brioche. Those handmade marshmallows. Pastries. Fresh bread. Stop it.

After losing their home in the Canterbury quakes, Stu and Katie relocated to Hawke’s Bay for a new start. It didn’t take long for them to feel right at home amongst the abundance of fresh produce and when God offered them their dream cafe space they jumped right in. With their daughter Hayley (walking dictionary of wine, coffee, and music) in charge of the front-of-house, Maina is run by a team of family and friends who understand and appreciate the importance of something as simple as sharing a meal or a coffee.

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