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The Festival of Hockey is Coming

The Festival of Hockey is coming to Hawke’s Bay next month and we’re pretty excited about it. Big sporting events really bring a buzz to the Bay and provide exhilarating, live entertainment. We seem to like watching sports here, though we don’t often get the top level stuff. There is an extraordinary number of youngsters engaged in sport in the region, many of them at a very high level. These kids have support teams and fans.

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Village People of Havelock North

To get a feel for the Village People of Havelock North, take a table in a quiet corner of Maina café for a day.  Sometimes it feels like the whole Village stops by.

Come early – that’s 7 on weekdays – when the gym bunnies bounce through, toned and glowing with good health, picking up a well earned and healthy snack between work-out and work.

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And We’re Open!

It’s official, Maina is open for business!

It’s been nearly a month since we signed the lease on our little slice of paradise, and in that time we’ve done everything from painting fences to printing cushions, potting plants and pouring over paperwork. We were lucky enough to start with a great space, but one which needed a bit of work before it could be an all-day eating house. We wanted to create a place you wouldn’t want to leave – and if you did have to leave, you’d be back again the following day. So, we got to work…